Social Media Do’s & Don’ts

Social media platforms come in multiple unique variations that can become overwhelming to manage. With all the different types of content and tone of voice styles to consider, it can be simplified by following a few basic rules and best practices when it comes to online brand reputation.

DO post to the correct account

There are not many things scarier than realizing you posted something to your brand page that you intended to post to your personal page. ALWAYS double check which page you’re posting to before publishing.

DON’T post just to post

If you don’t have anything relevant to say, then do not force it. Take the time at the start of each month to review your calendar of events/activities and identify your social media goals, this will give you a sense of timeless content while still allowing for the great in-the-moment posts.

DO respond to every direct message

It is vital to respond to every single message you receive, no matter if it is relevant to your service/brand or not. It is always a best practice to remain polite and professional to anyone with an inquiry.

DON’T post the same thing to each social platform every time

It is not frowned upon to post the same photo to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc with the same caption. However, adjusting wording, hashtags and image dimensions will achieve far better results. Understanding your audience by platform and tailoring content accordingly will help gain the best reach and engagement. Hootsuite has a guide on best practices regrading social media image sizes:

DO include a visual element to every post

While audiences are browsing their social media feeds they’re looking for something to catch their eye. Be sure to include a photo, gif or a video in your post, to increase the chance of your post being seen and liked.

DON’T post long copy heavy content

Unless you have a statement or important announcement that has a significant impact on the direction of your company, try to keep your posts as concise as possible. No one wants to read an essay and emoji’s have become a popular way of shortening captions.

DO know the best times to post

A smart way to improve engagement on social media platforms is to know the best times to post. Try posting at different times on different days to discover which time works best for your audience. Hootsuite has a guide on best practices regarding timing of posts: