Our Role:

Brand Concept
Website Design & Development


Sept 2016 – Current


Brand Concept
Website Design & Development

The Brief:

MobeeWash, the app that gives you “A Clean Car. Anytime. Anywhere.” is the “brainchild” of Sean O’Connell….. entrepreneur, techie and self-confessed petrol-head. Airborne was tasked to spearhead design, brand strategy and marketing efforts for MobeeWash in partnership with Bumblebee Consulting who was responsible for app design and development.

The objective was to develop the MobeeWash brand in its entirety with a focus on the effortless simplicity the app provides. The Airborne team approached the project by setting strict deadlines for each phase of the project while focusing on the finer details which included UX design and marketing.

The Result:

The MobeeWash app is set to launch in August 2017. Content creation and brand guidance ensured that the website portrays the vision of the brand’s founders. is the brand’s website for both local and international customers and is already successfully attracting significant interest. Social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are now also live for consumers to engage with. A social media strategy and content plans were created to form the foundation to begin building a strong social media presence.

The MobeeWash corporate identity (CI) is consistently represented in the design collateral, namely logo, social media images, business cards and email signatures as well as in the vehicle branding. Flyers, flag banners, and uniforms are in the process of being designed and finalised for manufacture.

The official launch of the MobeeWash App and Platform will be supported by various marketing initiatives on social and other media platforms with press release distribution and advertising forming part of the next phase.

Airborne Experience recently facilitated a brief interview on Heart FM where MobeeWash partnered with Waterless Solutions to clean the sponsored vehicles which were used during the Heart FM “16 days for Youth” (

Download MobeeWash and book your car cash. Go to