MobeeWash 2nd Birthday



Our Role:

Brand Concept
Social Media Graphic Design


Sept – Oct 2019


Brand Concept
Social Media Graphic Design

The Brief:

MobeeWash, the app that gives you “A Clean Car. Anytime. Anywhere.” is the “brainchild” of Sean O’Connell….. entrepreneur, techie and self-confessed petrol-head. Airborne was tasked to spearhead design, brand strategy and marketing efforts for MobeeWash with them celebrating their 2nd birthday since launching in October 2017.

The Result:

Our team created multiple sub-campaigns which all aligned to the main message but reached different audiences. Social media platforms were predominantly used for the campaign following email marketing to reach existing consumers. The social media strategy for the campaign and content plans were created to enhance the engagement as well as the awareness of the brand. Direct Marketing was also implemented with the use of on-site banners as well as flyers. In addition, activations were implemented to support the overall message.

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