African Insurance Organisation 2019


African Insurance Organisation

Our Role:

Website Design & Development


Nov Dec 2018


Website Design & Development

The Brief:

The African Insurance Organisation (AIO), established in 1972, is a non-governmental organisation recognised by many African governments. Following the headquarters agreement the government of Cameroon signed with the organisation, the Permanent Secretariat of the AIO was set up. Their objective was to create the look and feel of their website to strongly align with their strategy. A key focus was to optimize the user journey to allow for ease of sign up, engagement and access to information for members.

The Result:

The Airborne team worked alongside AIO to create their website front-end design and build their website which includes a content management system. The team aimed to enhance the appearance, but focus strongly on bringing forward the corporate identity in the most appealing and cohesive manner. Member registration and management, community forum and access to resources where key outputs which supports the user journey.

View the website here: