10 South African mobile apps you need to download

Do you make a conscious effort to buy local or to support local businesses? September marks the annual Heritage Month in our country and we’ve put together a list of the best free South African-made mobile apps in several useful categories.

With so many apps becoming available on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, it can be hard to find the one you want. Here are our top 10 picks:

1. Moya Messenger

Moya Messenger is a new mobile messaging app that enables users to communicate without incurring data costs – provided they don’t send any attachments and are willing to be exposed to advertising. The Moya app allows users to message each other without airtime or a data balance on their smartphone and offers unlimited texting, group chat, end-to-end security with automatic encryption of all messages.

2. Namola

Namola is a FREE mobile safety app that allows South Africans to get help fast in an emergency situation. At the push of a button, you can request assistance and a member of the Namola Response Centre Team will call you, within seconds, to confirm your emergency. Namola knows exactly where you are, from your phones GPS, and who you are from your emergency information. Namola, therefore, does not need to waste time finding out where you are or who you are. Namola is available anywhere in South Africa, and the goal is to provide South Africans with a simple and fast way to get help in an emergency.

3. Sweep South

The SweepSouth app lets you book, reschedule, cancel, change SweepStars or rate your latest clean quickly and easily, plus you can add multiple locations and cards for payment to your account to keep things fuss-free. The service, established in 2013, connects you with a cleaner within minutes.

4. MobeeWash

MobeeWash is the ultimate vehicle washing app that comes to you. Cashless and uber-convenient, the app will let you know when your car is ready and payment will automatically be charged to your credit/debit card via a secure payment gateway. A choice of three wash types allows you book options that match your availability, budget, and location: 1) Express – Wash and Go, 2) Deluxe – Inside and Out, 3) Premium – All the Extra’s. Once you book a wash, you will be matched with a trained and certified MobeeWasher in our network. Depending on the available MobeeWasher, each will offer a range of add-on services that you will be welcomed to try.

5. SnapScan

SnapScan is a mobile payment app that lets you pay for whatever you need without having to use cash or swipe your card. The app supports credit cards and most debit cards from any local bank, as well as 3D secure-enabled international bank cards.

6. 22Seven

The 22Seven app is a budgeting and investment initiative by Old Mutual helps you keep track of your finances. You can view your cheque and savings accounts, credit and store cards, investments, loans and rewards – all in one place.

7. WizzPass

WizzPass allows you to pay for parking directly and securely from your credit card. You will no longer experience the hassle of dealing with parking tickets or drawing money in order to leave the shopping centre.

8. Aweza

Aweza is a language app that translates all 11 official South African languages in order to help South Africans communicate with each other, and foreign visitors, while moving around the country. It is the first South African multilingual app.

9. Deeliver

Deeliver is a new immediate home delivery convenience mobile app that currently services most of the Southern Suburbs in Cape Town, with a truly great product line-up to provide convenience at the touch of a button. Deeliver is all about amazing service and a great product line-up that includes vegan goods, baby goods, ice cream, medicinal supplies and even liquor.

10. Quench

The Quench app is an on-demand digital bar. Shop for beer, wine, spirits & more delivered straight to your location within 60 minutes. The sophisticated yet quirky app works with a credit-card system, similar to online shopping platforms. Pin your location on the apps map and Quench staff will arrive at your door.